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In 1968, Eglė Borutaitė-Makariūnienė, the daughter of the famous Lithuanian writer Kazys Boruta, and Elga Borutienė, the writer's (third) wife, gave Boruta's personal papers (various manuscripts) to the Institute of Lithuanian Language and Literature. This was the start of the collection.

In 1968, Emilija (Kvedaraitė) Mykolaitienė, the wife of Mykolaitis-Putinas, gave the writer’s personal papers (manuscripts, correspondence and translations) to the Institute of Lithuanian Language and Literature. This formed the beginning of the collection.

Shortly before returning to Croatia in the spring of 1968, Kljaković donated his émigré manuscript bequest to the rector, Msgr. Đuro Kokša, who signed this donation contract on behalf of the Pontifical Croatian College of St. Jerome.

The State Archive of Literature and Art was established in 1968, when a branch of the Central State Archive was made into a separate archive. All the documents relating to literature and art (including the Union of Writers collection) were transferred to the new archive.